Who can apply to Emerge?

Emerge is designed for the person who has either graduated from high school; in college but not sure why: or the college graduate who desires to consecrate a season of their lives to God before they begin their career. Aspiring students should possess a strong desire to be shaped and molded by God so that they can discover clarity, develop character, and deploy calling in their lives.

When does Emerge begin and end?

Emerge is a nine month program that begins in September and ends in May.

If I do not desire to enter full-time ministry, is Emerge still the place for me?

Absolutely! The mission of Emerge is to help equip the next generation pastor, worship leader, missionary, and business entrepreneur. For some students this will involve full-time ministry but for many it will not. Emerge is for those who are hungry to enlarge their leadership capacity whether their calling is full-time vocational ministry or another field. Our desire is to help equip the next generation with clarity and character that will allow them to thrive in their calling wherever God leads them.

Is Emerge an accredited program?

Emerge is not primarily an academic program. Nevertheless, it is an inspiring educational environment that will challenge, expand, and grow students into greater Christlikeness. 

I am not interested in attending Emerge but would like to be involved. How can I help?

If you have a passion to invest in the next generation leader, you can financially sponsor a student. Your investment will go toward tuition and costs of living for their nine month period of development. You can also commit your time and/or labor through volunteerism. The program will be looking for partners to help with needs that will arise throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Heather Tardo (Director) at heather@destinyworship.com.


We strongly recommend for students to invite their family and friends to provide financial support for them during this nine month season dedicated to seeking God. Students will be constantly engaged in ministry at Destiny Worship Center creating a great place for loved ones to deposit resources into a place where impact is being made. We encourage students to write letters, make phone calls, or personal visits to those people who believe in the gift of God in them. We have a model support letter available upon request as an aid to assist students in creating their own.


Due to the level of focus required for maximum development and the demand for their time, Emerge students are not allowed to have part time employment. However, there will be opportunities on days or nights off to engage in odd jobs such as babysitting, yard work, etc.


The Emerge Campus is located a mile and a half from our church in beautiful South Walton County, centrally located to the beaches, shopping, and wonderful eating establishments. The property has a “sanctuary” feel in that it is tucked away from highway 98 and possesses an amazing sense of serenity. There are 5 buildings laid out on 2 acres of land. The buildings consist of a male and female dorm, a recreation center, an interactive library and a prayer chapel. Also on the property is gazebo, fire pit, and recreational field. This property will host and facilitate leadership cultivation and life change for those who join the adventure.



Students will live on the Emerge campus in designated male and female dorms. Each dorm will be staffed with a Resident Assistant. Dorm life will consist of common living areas for fellowship and relaxation; bathroom and laundry facilities; and designated sleeping rooms. The campus is complete with a recreation hall, interactive library, and prayer chapel. Students will need to provide their own linens.


Emerge students are required to have a valid passport by orientation weekend. Passports must be shown at orientation for verification. Students may request that the Emerge office hold their passport for safe keeping.


Emerge students are responsible to provide health insurance effective for the duration of their stay at Emerge. This insurance should cover travel outside of the United States. While at Emerge, one will be considered a student which may help reduce insurance too.


Emerge students are not required to have their own vehicles but it does help. If a student has a vehicle it must be in good running condition. Students will be driving from the Emerge campus to the church, and other ministry opportunities and activities that are in the Destin area. Students that do have a vehicle must have a valid drivers license and proof of auto insurance.


The nine month Emerge experience is designed to allow students to focus their heart, soul, mind, and strength on loving Jesus and seeking Him first and most. Therefore, we require students to end any dating relationship that they are in before joining Emerge as well as refraining from any pursuit of the opposite sex during the year.