Welcome Emerge 2016-2017!

Hey guys!


What a great time of year it is. The cool air is fast approaching, the tourists are starting to retreat back to their homes, and another group of students has arrived in Destin for our 5th year of Emerge Leadership Academy! They’re just finishing their third week right now, and are all adjusting to their classes, ministry times, homework, and their new sleep schedules after all the other things are completed. The students this year are an incredibly diverse group with six states from the U.S. representing, as well as our first international student from Ashdod, Israel! They have begun to make friends, create memories, and apply the knowledge that they’ve already been receiving in these few weeks. As an RA, it’s a remarkable thing to see the students walk the same path that you did just a year earlier. We as an Emerge staff all remember our times in either Emerge or other internships and we’re overjoyed to see the same change that we experienced happen in these students lives as well. Throughout the nine months, continue to check back on our blog so that you can keep up with our students. Some will be posting journal entries of their time going through the program, and every once and a while we will be posting glimpses into the life of an Emerge student. We’re excited for what’s to come in these nine months, and we’re grateful to God for entrusting us with sixteen amazing next generation leaders. Have a great day, and be blessed!


Benjamin Lowrimore

Guys RA